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Using WeatherTweet

Section I. Activating WeatherTweet for your Twitter Account
WeatherTweet uses the TwitterVB API for use with OAuth. Since Twitter eventually plans on doing away with Basic Authentication, I figured OAuth would be the way to go. Plus, instead of the source looking like "from API". You can register an application with OAuth and Twitter and it will look like "from WeatherTweet".

If this is the first time you've ran the WeatherTweet Application the settings window should show up. On this window you will need to update your Twitter Username, the password and the ZipCode you're wanting to use. There is also a PIN which is what we use to verify you want to use WeatherTweet with your Twitter account.

First off, you will need to fill out the information for your Username, Password and ZipCode. After that information is filled out click the Authorize button. Note: You will only have to do this once to activate WeatherTweet with your account. After you click Authorize a Web Page should open up for Twitter asking you to Allow or Deny WeatherTweet access to your account. You might have to provide your account credentials then you can hit Allow. After that you will be redirected a page with a PIN number on it. Simply copy and paste that PIN number in the area on the Settings form and click Save Settings.

Once you click save it should post a tweet about the current conditions and the forecast for the Postal code you provided. Remember you will only need to activate it once for each Twitter Account. After that you can simply enter the Postal code, click Get Weather and it will display the information for you on the main window and also create a tweet.

Section II. Future features and their uses.
Right now, WeatherTweet only provides the forecast and current conditions each time you click the Get Weather button on the main window. I plan on expanding it to allow you to set the interval on which to post a tweet. There is also ramblings and thoughts about a web based option that will you to tag us and it then post a tweet about the specified Postal code. All of which is done from your Twitter page.

For support or questions you may open a discussion here. Or visit my website I will keep this application current and hope others might have contributions or ideas to it, to make it better for everyone.

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